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Acrylic Acid
CAS number:79-10-7
Molecular formula:C3H4O2
Molecular weight:
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Purity %

99.5 min

Color (APHA)

10 max

Water ,%

0.1 max

Furfural , ppm

1.0 max

Acetic Acid , ppm

500 max

Propionic Acid , ppm

100 max

Benzaldehyde , ppm

1.0 max

Inhibitor (MEHQ) ,ppm

200+20(As agreed upon between the buyer and the seller)

It should be kept in a dry, cool andwell-ventilated place. It is a corrosive material and it should be stored in aseparated and approved area. Keep away from sources of ignition.

Hazard Class: 8 
UN/NA: UN2218 
Packing Group: II