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Methacrylic Acid 99.5%
CAS number:79-41-4
Molecular formula:C4H6O2
Molecular weight:86.09
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Typical Testing Result


Colorless transparent liquid or needle crystal solid

Colorless transparent liquid or needle crystal solid

Purity %

99.50 min


Moisture %

0.15 max


Color (Pt-Co)

20 max






Relative Density (20 °C) g/cm3



Inhibitor HQ/MEHQ ppm


(Or According to customers)



Transportation in cold weather, MAA condensationrisk increasing. Condensation is caused by the initial temperature, transporttime, external temperature, the capacity of tank insulation and heat lossprevention. In order to reduce these factors’ impacting, recommend to usingspecial temperature control system in transportation, then steam can reduce therisk of products condensation.

Hazard Class: 8
    UN/NA: UN2531
    Packing Group: III


Shelf Life:  6 months


Storage & Handling:

To avoid the sunlight in the storehouse; to controlthe temperature at 18℃to 40℃ (64-104 Fahrenheitdegrees); to leave 4 inches wide channel around the venue; to supply enoughoxygen among monomer (recommend to using greenhouse with water transfersystem); to require to ventilate and oxygenate before out of the works and thismeasure is necessary during the transport; need to open the cap and ventilatebefore storing in the warehouse so as to have enough oxygen to make inhibitorworking, avoiding the polymerization of MAA.


If freezing or melting occurring in transportation,please note:

No use strong steam or electric heating system(heating cable, electric hood), or maybe local hot spots caused.

No directly use heat water& steam, mixed by thenozzle or T-tube, with the help of hot ring-disk, upper to melt. Increasingsteam pressure or moisture can generate heat immediately. And pay attention thetemperature will not higher than 40℃ when heating.

No withdraw from the partial melting tankers, tanksor reserve tanks. During melting and after melting, materials in thecylindrical containers should be mixed completely. Ensure the inhibitorwell-mixing before the removal of any liquids. Mixture need to be processedthrough circulator, stirrer or decimator, but not by passing bubbles into MAA.

MAA implosion will produce heat and smoke. Ifimplosion caused, using plenty of water to wash immediately and transferlateral materials, and other staff must evacuate.

MAA is corrosive. Once stain on hands or clothing,give a well water washing and with alkaline soap. Once touch eyes, wash and seethe doctor.